‘UM is the closest place to my heart.’ Prof. Iu Vai Pan shares over three decades of experience in education
「澳大是我感覺上最接近的地方」 姚偉彬教授分享30多年育人足跡

Over the past 33 years, Prof. Iu Vai Pan has contributed to his birthplace Macau in many different roles: he became the first assistant professor of civil engineering at the University of East Asia (UEA), the predecessor of the University of Macau ( ...


Research on Key Technologies and Platforms for Collaborative Intelligence Driven Autonomous Driving Vehicles

  Macao’s first Autonomous Driving Bus Testing Platform has launched in 2020, marking the start of a new chapter of intelligent transportation system in Macao. This research project is the key R&D project funded by the Science and Technol ...


An interview with Prof. Tang Zikang – A leading figure in the field of nano-optoelectronic materials

The IAPME was established in 2014 and Prof Tang was appointed as its first director in 2016, leading the team to carry out research in the field from scratch. Prof Tang has always valued the input of young scientists, as is reflected in the fact th ...


An interview with Prof. Rui Martins – The pioneer in Macao’s microelectronics chip design

  29 years ago, a Portuguese professor of microelectronics travelled from Europe to Macao, a city with a blend of Chinese and southern European vibe. When he arrived at the University of Macau (UM) campus as a visiting professor, he was plann ...


Prof Kou Kun Pang: Serving society wholeheartedly

In the field of civil engineering, the University of Macau (UM) has a strong faculty team with a long history of providing professional advice and services to the engineering sector in Macao. Kou Kuan Pang, an associate professor at UM, obtained his ...


An Interview with UM Prof. Zhong Junwen on Flexible Electromechanical System
專訪鍾俊文教授 – 柔性機電系統的研究

Prof. Zhong Junwen joined the University of Macau (UM) in 2020, he is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electromechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) and one of the members of the Centre for Artif ...


An Interview with UM Research Team on Smart Maintenance of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

  The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao (HZM) Bridge connects the three major cities located in the Pearl River Delta in China. Designed for a service life of 120 years, the bridge is the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge-cum-tunnel. Its maintenance, ...


A New Force for UM’s Scientific Development- Story of Newly Joined Professor from State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
澳大科研新力軍- 加盟智慧城市物聯網國家重點實驗室及科技學院土木工程系學者的故事

In response to the marine planning and development of Macao SAR government, the University of Macau (UM) has been actively developed marine research and recruit scholars from different places in recent years, the Faculty of Science and Technology (F ...


Interview with Prof. Xiaowei Wu – An outstanding computer science scholar
專訪吳曉偉教授 – 澳大的傑出計算機科學學者

Prof. Xiaowei Wu has joined the University of Macau since March, 2020. He is an assistant professor of the Department of Computer and Information Science, and the research member of the State Key Laboratory of Smart City Internet of Things. After jo ...


Research and application of multi-modal sensing and data-driven intelligent process planning technology for industrial robot

Robots are autonomous intelligent machines. As a carrier of artificial intelligence, its development and application has become the core driving force in a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Intelligent robots can a ...

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