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An Interview with UM Prof. Zhong Junwen on Flexible Electromechanical System
專訪鍾俊文教授 – 柔性機電系統的研究
Jul 05 | Mon

Prof. Zhong Junwen joined the University of Macau (UM) in 2020, he is currently an Assistant Professor in the Departm ...

Joint team formed by UM and Chinese Academy of Sciences wins second prize in global computer vision algorithm challenge
Jul 31 | Wed

A team led by Associate Professor Yang Zhixin from the State Key Laboratory of the Internet of Things for Smart City and ...

MSc student designed, fabricated, and tested a new compact piezo-driven flexure stage for vertical micro/nanopositioning
Apr 07 | Sun

FLEXURE-BASED complaint mechanism is a kind of mechanism that works by its elastic deformation. As compared with conven ...

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