Monthly Archives: June 2019

UM professors give reports at International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
Jun 28 | Fri

Two professors from the University of Macau's (UM) Department of Mathematics, namely Distinguished Professor Jin Xiaoqi ...

UM’s summer camps cultivate local students’ interest in science
Jun 26 | Wed

In order to increase local primary and secondary school students' interest in science, the University of Macau (UM) in ...

Learning from Blockchain
Jun 21 | Fri

Abstract The remarkable decade-old history of blockchain is summarised and the (usual?) case is made for its non-financ ...

FST Seminar Series: “Application of Structure Descriptor for Rational Design of Transition Metal Catalysts” by Prof. Daojian CHENG
Jun 03 | Mon

Prof. Daojian CHENG from Department of Chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China gave a ta ...

Jun 03 | Mon

澳門大學科技學院物理及化學系主辦首屆“能源、水及環境工作坊”,以簡單易明的例子,展示課堂上所學的原理如何應用到實際的日常生活中。工作坊吸引近百名澳門中學生參與,了解如何透過物理及化學的知識,進行環境監測和食品安全檢測,以及污水處理與海水淡 ...

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