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UM’s interdisciplinary camp attracts outstanding university students from home and abroad
Jul 21 | Fri

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) and the Institute of Collaborative Innovation (ICI) of the University of Ma ...

DPC of FST successfully hosted “Novel eco-friendly material summer camp 2023” for students from local secondary schools. 科技學院物理及化學系成功為本地中學生舉辦“新型環保材料夏令營2023”
Jul 17 | Mon

  On 11-12 July 2023, Department of Physics and Chemistry (DPC) of Faculty Science and Technology (FST) successful ...

Developing Skills and Abilities for the Future – Wenyu ZHANG and Minghuang WANG from MAT
磨練自身技能和本領,積極為未來準備 – 數學系張文宇及王明煌
Jul 13 | Thu

Wenyu Zhang and Minghuang Wang are both undergraduate graduates from the Department of Mathematics (MAT) of the Faculty ...

An Ambitious and Diligent Student – Chun Fai LEE from ECE
好學心切, 分秒必爭 – 電機及電腦工程系李俊輝
Jul 13 | Thu

Chun Fai Lee is a graduate from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the Faculty of Science a ...

Diverse Learning, Stepping out of the Comfort Zone – Junyu ZHOU from CIS
多元學習, 走出舒適圈 – 電腦及資訊科學系周俊宇
Jul 12 | Wed

Junyu Zhou is a graduate of the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS) of the Faculty of Science and Tech ...

With a Passion for Scientific Research, Actively Pursuing Dreams – Jiahao Ren from DPC
憑著對科研的熱忱, 積極追尋夢想 – 物理及化學系任佳豪
Jul 12 | Wed

Jiahao Ren is the first batch of UG student to graduate from the Department of Physics and Chemistry (DPC) of the Facul ...

Fear no Pressure and Create Opportunities for the Future – Lam LAM & Naihe SONG from EME
無懼壓力, 為未來創造機遇 – 機電工程系林霖及宋乃禾
Jul 07 | Fri

Lam Lam and Naihe Song are recent graduates of the Department of Electromechanical Engineering (EME) at the University ...

Self-Directed Learning and Self-Improvement across University Life – Yuhang CHEN from CEE
自主學習自強不息 – 土木及環境工程系陳宇航
Jul 05 | Wed

Yuhang Chen is a graduate of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and the Honors College of the ...

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