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Interview with Prof. Xiaowei Wu – An outstanding computer science scholar
專訪吳曉偉教授 – 澳大的傑出計算機科學學者
Jul 31 | Fri

Prof. Xiaowei Wu has joined the University of Macau since March, 2020. He is an assistant professor of the Department o ...

Jacqueline Ieong and Jessica Ieong from CEE – Exploring recycled building material and analyzing consolidation of pervious concrete piles embankment
土木及環境工程系的楊沅婷及楊沅喬 – 從澳大出發探尋建築物料及分析優化透水性混凝土土堤
Jul 17 | Fri

Starting from UM, exploring the world to cultivate scientific capabilities Ieong Un Teng (Jacqueline) and Ieong Un Kio ...

Jasmine Li from CIS – Making good use of image segmentation to estimate the number of E. coli bacteria
電腦及資訊科學系的黎倩雲- 善用圖像分割成功估算大腸桿菌數量
Jul 17 | Fri

The impression towards UM Li Qianyun (Jasmine) is one of the outstanding students of Department of Computer and Informa ...

Gui Shuheng , Mark Guo and Jason Wu from EME – An intelligent vending machine for personalized drinks
機電工程系的桂舒恆、郭笑辰和吳健翔 – 具有人臉識別、智慧支付及多口味多配料的智能飲料售賣機
Jul 17 | Fri

Intelligent Vending Machine for Personalized Drinks With the final year project 'Intelligent Vending Machine for Person ...

He Tianrui from Math – A speech emotion recognition system which helps to strengthen artificial intelligence services
數學系的賀天睿 – 識別語音感情系統有助強化人工智能服務的研究
Jul 17 | Fri

Going all out to race to the top He Tianrui is one of the outstanding graduates of the Department of Mathematics. Excep ...

Paul Iam and Charles Hoi from ECE – From creating a future wireless charging system to a farther research journey
電機及電腦工程系的任耀華和許旭宇 – 創建未來無線充電系統,向更遠的研究之路進發
Jul 17 | Fri

Living up to expectations, bringing honor to UM Iam Io Wa (Paul) and Hoi Iok U (Charles) are the outstanding graduates ...

2019/2020 FST graduates’ stories and their final year projects
Jul 17 | Fri

Time flies like an arrow, the graduation season of academic year 2019/2020 has finally come to the end. After four year ...

UM students get “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Outstanding Graduates Award in Civil Engineering” in 2020
澳大生獲2020年度 “粵港澳大灣區高校土木工程專業優秀本科畢業生獎”
Jul 06 | Mon

4 UM graduates in Civil Engineering, namely Xiao Wenjie, Ieong Un Teng, Guo Shuaizhi, and Jiao Peiyan are awarded “Guan ...

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