Monthly Archives: September 2021

UM discussed the sustainable development of Macao’s oceans with experts from over the world
Sep 27 | Mon

由澳門海洋與水利學會、澳門土木工程實驗室和澳門建築置業商會共同主辦,澳門大學區域海洋研究中心和澳門科技大學海洋發展研究中心合辦的「澳門海洋的可持續發展」研討會,於9月24日在澳門中華總商會大廈4樓舉行。研討會上,澳門海洋與水利學會會長區秉 ...

UM participated into the FDCT’s Launch Ceremony of Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects and the Summary Session on Key Research Project 2020
Sep 17 | Fri

The Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) held the "Launch Ceremony of Funding Scheme for Key R&D Projects ...

UM makes marine research expedition to GBA with HKUST and Xiamen University
Sep 02 | Thu

The University of Macau (UM), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s (HKUST) Centre for Ocean Research in Hon ...

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