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Jul 31 | Sat

以“科技夢 · 青春夢 · 中國夢”為主題的二○二一年青少年高校科學營活動,澳門本地營之澳門大學分營在線下舉行。該活動由中國科學技術協會、中華人民共和國教育部共同主辦,由澳門科學技術協進會和澳門青少年科普教育協會聯合承辦,並由澳門基金會贊助 ...

An interview with Prof. Rui Martins – The pioneer in Macao’s microelectronics chip design
Jul 27 | Tue

  29 years ago, a Portuguese professor of microelectronics travelled from Europe to Macao, a city with a blend o ...

2020/2021 FST graduates’ stories and their final year projects
Jul 23 | Fri

四年大學生活轉瞬即逝,畢業生們帶着豐富知識和寶貴經驗各奔前程。儘管尚未徹底走出疫情的陰霾,但一切正朝著好的方向發展,今年科技學院有不少出眾的本科生在畢業設計項目上獲得不俗的成績,一同回顧他們多姿多彩、豐富充實的學習旅程。 With the ...

Fabrication of corrosion and wear resistant coatings via friction surfacing for marine applications
Jul 23 | Fri

Stainless steels are commonly used in fresh water and sea water. AISI 304, as one of the most frequently used types of ...

Successfully designed asymmetrical coils for power transmission
成功設計非對稱線圈進行電力傳輸 – 電機及電腦工程系梁建勇和黃濠華
Jul 23 | Fri

With the rapid expansion of the charging market, wireless charging technology has now been widely used. However, most o ...

Creating a translator for translating Cantonese and Mandarin
創造粵語及普通話互譯的翻譯器 – 電腦及資訊科學系古樹樺及鍾旭熙
Jul 23 | Fri

Cantonese is a dialect of China which mainly used in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong Province and other regions. Although Ca ...

Alice Lin from CEE: Using machine learning calculation methods to examine water quality in Macau
成功利用機器學習計算方法分析澳門水質 – 土木及環境工程系林菲兒
Jul 23 | Fri

The water in Main Storage Water Reservoir of Macau (MMR) is one of the sources of drinking water for Macao residents. E ...

UM FST organizes a summer study activity for mainland students to promote talent development and exchanges
Jul 22 | Thu

As a public university in the west of the Greater Bay Area with the most state key laboratories, the University of Maca ...

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