Monthly Archives: July 2022

Finding your True Self and Kick Off Your Discovery Journey
Story of 2021/2022 Outstanding CIS graduate – Zhang Yuwei
2021/2022電腦及資訊科學系優秀畢業生故事 – 張羽惟
Jul 14 | Thu

Masked Facial Recognition Zhang Yuwei, an 2021/2022 outstanding graduate of the Department of Computer and Information ...

Do the Best for Environmental Protection by Exploring New Engineering Material
Story of 2021/2022 Outstanding CEE graduate – Zhang Shouchen
2021/2022土木及環境工程系優秀畢業生故事 – 張首辰
Jul 12 | Tue

Alternative material Nowadays, billions of tons of concrete are produced every year in the world, and the carbon dioxid ...

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