In response to the marine planning and development of Macao SAR government, the University of Macau (UM) has been actively developed marine research and recruit scholars from different places in recent years, the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) and State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City (University of Macau) have naturally become the first choice for many scholars. Interviews were conducted for five professors of FST who joined UM recently to share about their research interests,  reasons and opportunities for their development in Macao.

為配合澳門特區政府海洋規劃及發展的方針,澳大近年積極發展海洋研究並招攬不少學者,而科技學院及澳大智慧城市物聯網國家重點實驗室更成為不少學者首選的高等學府。本次專訪了五位新加盟澳大的教授,暢談他們的研究方向, 在澳發展的原因和機遇。

Yan Wangji 顏王吉

Scholar who studies structural health monitoring 研究結構健康監測的學者

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Shi Huabin 施華斌

Scholar who studies coastal disasters and coastal engineering 研究海岸科學和近海災害學者

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Gao Liang 高亮

Scholar studies hydrodynamic and modelling of hazard processes 專注水動力及災害模擬研究的學者

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Shen Ping 申平

Scholar studies risk management and geological hazards 鑽研災害分析及風險管理的學者

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Cai Zhongya 蔡忠亞

Scholar studies ocean scale circulation, dynamics and environment 研究海洋運動及環境的學者

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