Professor Shi Huabin: A scholar studying on coastal disasters and coastal engineering
施華斌教授 – 研究海岸科學和近海災害的學者
Nov 26 | Thu

Studying coastal disasters and coastal engineering Professor Shi Huabin joined UM in 2020 as an Assistant Professor in ...

Professor Gao Liang: A scholar focusing on hydrodynamic and modelling of hazard processes
高亮教授– 專注於水動力及災害模擬研究的學者
Nov 25 | Wed

Studying hydrodynamic and modelling of hazard processes  Assistant Professor Gao Liang is from the Department of Civil ...

Prof Yan Wangji: A scholar who researching structural health monitoring
顏王吉教授 – 研究結構健康監測的學者
Nov 25 | Wed

Focusing on Structural Health Monitoring Professor Yan Wangji is from the Department of Civil and Environmental Enginee ...

Professor Cai Zhongya: Scholar who study ocean scale circulation, dynamics and environment
蔡忠亞教授 – 研究海洋運動及環境的學者
Nov 25 | Wed

Studying marine environmental ecology, multi-scale circulation and dynamics Professor Cai Zhongya has joined UM in 2020 ...

Director of DSAT has a trial ride and discussion of the applications of autonomous driving bus in Macao
Nov 25 | Wed

The Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of the University of Macau (UM) has been made fruitful achievements in sci ...

UM scholar becomes the first in Macao to receive Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize
Nov 17 | Tue

Tang Zikang, chair professor and director of the Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME) at the ...

Cultivating the new generation of Autonomous Driving talents! The first autonomous driving course at FST ended successfully
致力培養新一代自動駕駛業精英! 澳大科技學院首次自動駕駛課程圓滿落幕
Oct 30 | Fri

After the launch of the "Macao Autonomous Driving Bus Testing Platform", the first autonomous driving intensive course ...

UM FST participated successfully in the 7th Industrial Products Show
Oct 07 | Wed

The 7th Macau Industrial Products Show has come to its end. In order to cooperate with Macau government in promoting t ...

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