CHEM101. Chemistry
CHEM110. Physical Chemistry (ECE)
CIVL110. Mechanics I
CIVL201. Engineering Geology
CIVL213. Mechanics II
CIVL215. Strength of Materials I
CIVL220. Strength of Materials II
CIVL230. Hydraulics I
CIVL300. Environmental Engineering I
CIVL301. Environmental Engineering II
CIVL314. Structures I
CIVL316. Structures II
CIVL321. Construction Methods, Procedures & Equipment
CIVL322. Construction Materials
CIVL325. Reinforced Concrete I
CIVL330. Electricity & Machines
CIVL341. Hydraulics II
CIVL351. Soil Mechanics I
CIVL352. Soil Mechanics II
CIVL360. Surveying
CIVL413. Structures III
CIVL426. Reinforced Concrete II
CIVL427. Steel Structures
CIVL446. Environmental Engineering III
CIVL447. Traffic Engineering
CIVL449. Essentials to Environmental Biotechnology
CIVL454. Design and Construction of Retaining Systems for Deep Excavation
CIVL455. Foundation Engineering
CIVL456. Application of Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
CIVL458. Structural System Analysis and Design
CIVL459. Transportation Planning and Public Transport System
CIVL473. Engineering Planning and Management
CIVL480. Construction Management and Practice
CIVL484. Project I
CIVL486. Project II
CIVL487. Introduction To Soil Improvement
CIVL490. Wastewater Treatment Engineering
CPTG104. Computer Science (CEE)
CPTG104. Computer Science (ECE)
CPTG104. Computer Science (EME)
CPTG300. Microprocessors
CPTG301. Microprocessors
DRWG100. Technical Drawing I (CEE)
DRWG100. Technical Drawing I (ECE)
DRWG101. Technical Drawing
DRWG120. Mechanical Drawing
DRWG130. Civil Engineering Drawing
ECOT001. Introductions to Economics (CEE)
ECOT001. Introductions to Economics (CIS)
ECOT001. Introductions to Economics (ECE)
EELC111. English for Engineering I
EELC112. English for Engineering II
ELEC110. Digital Systems I
ELEC191. Introduction to Electrical Engineering
ELEC200. Quality Control
ELEC210. Digital Systems II (CIS)
ELEC210. Digital Systems II (ECE)
ELEC222. Applied Electronics I
ELEC223. Applied Electronics II
ELEC231. Circuit Analysis
ELEC240. Applied Electromagnetism
ELEC251. Measuring and Instrumentation I
ELEC261. Signals and Systems
ELEC312. Control Systems II
ELEC313. Control Systems I
ELEC321. Applied Electronics III
ELEC323. Power Electronics
ELEC326. Control Electronics & Automation
ELEC331. Advanced Topics on Electric Machines
ELEC335. Protection of Power System and Electrical Machines
ELEC341. Electric Machines
ELEC352. Measuring and Instrumentation II
ELEC361. Telecommunications
ELEC370. Digital Signal Processing
ELEC381. Propagation and Radiation
ELEC402. Project
ELEC403. Industrial Planning and Programming
ELEC404. Introduction to Robotics
ELEC409. Computer and Microprocessor Control Systems
ELEC414. Digital Controller
ELEC436. Power System Analysis
ELEC437. System Design
ELEC440. Telecommunication Electronics
ELEC460. Communication System and Data Network
ELEC482. Telecommunication Systems
ELEC483. Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
MATH101. Mathematical Analysis I
MATH102. Mathematical Analysis II
MATH103. Linear Algebra
MATH111. Probability and Statistics
MATH200. Mathematical Analysis III (CEE)
MATH200. Mathematical Analysis III (CIS)
MATH200. Mathematical Analysis III (ECE)
MATH200. Mathematical Analysis III (EME)
MATH201. Mathematical Analysis IV (CEE)
MATH201. Mathematical Analysis IV (CIS)
MATH201. Mathematical Analysis IV (ECE)
MATH201. Mathematical Analysis IV (EME)
MATH207. Numerical Methods and Computation
MECH102. Applied Mechanics
MECH103. Structure and Properties of Materials
MECH203. Engineering Materials
MECH204. Mechanics of Materials
MECH205. Electrical Engineering
MECH206. Manufacturing Processes II
MECH300. Manufacturing Processes I
MECH304. Basic Macroeconomics
MECH305. Product Design I
MECH306. Machine Elements
MECH307. Fluid Mechanics
MECH308. Product Design II
MECH309. Digital Systems
MECH313. Production Management
MECH314. Basic Microeconomics
MECH315. Thermodynamics
MECH316. Heat Transfer
MECH403. Computer-Aided Design
MECH404. Control Techniques
MECH405. Electro-Mechanical Systems
MECH406. Production Systems, Planning and Control
MECH407. Quality Assurance and Control
MECH408. Theory of Mechanisms
MECH412. Computer-Aided Manufacturing
MECH413. Production Cost Analysis and Marketing
MECH415. Project
MECH442. Advanced Materials for Engineer
MECH450. Electronics and Instrumentation
MECH451. Control and Automation
MECH461. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
MECH471. Computational Methods
MECH482. Computer Technology in Engineering
MECH483. Measurement Technique & Data Processing
MECH484. Communication System and Data Network
MECH486. Finite Elements Techniques in Engineering
MECH487. Electrical Services
PHYS101. Physics I
PHYS203. Physics II (CEE)
PHYS203. Physics II (ECE)
PHYS203. Physics II (EME)
PHYS204. Physics Laboratory (CEE)
PHYS204. Physics Laboratory (ECE)
PHYS204. Physics Laboratory (EME)
SFTW100. Computers in Modern Society
SFTW101. Computers in Modern Society
SFTW110. Discrete Structures
SFTW111. Algorithms and Data Structures I
SFTW120. Programming Science
SFTW122. Operational Research I
SFTW210. Algorithms and Data Structures II
SFTW221. Operational Research II
SFTW223. Formal Languages and Automata
SFTW230. Systems and Networks I
SFTW231. Operating Systems I
SFTW241. Programming Languages Architecture I
SFTW300. Software Psychology
SFTW301. Computer Graphics
SFTW320. Queue and Scheduling
SFTW330. Operating Systems II
SFTW331. Distributed Systems
SFTW341. Compiler Construction
SFTW342. Programming Languages Architecture II
SFTW350. Organization Management
SFTW351. Information Systems Analysis and Design
SFTW360. Artificial Intelligence I
SFTW370. Database Systems I
SFTW371. Database Systems II
SFTW372. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Patterns
SFTW373. Special Topics in Computer and Information Science I (First Semester)
SFTW373. Special Topics in Computer and Information Science I (Second Semester)
SFTW420. Computer Based Simulation
SFTW422. Logic and Computability
SFTW424. Introduction to Pattern Recognition
SFTW430. Systems and Networks II
SFTW440. Software Engineering Principles
SFTW450. Introduction to Management Concepts
SFTW451. Distributed Computer Systems
SFTW452. Groupware Systems
SFTW453. Digital Image Processing
SFTW454. Special Topics in Computer and Information Science II – Virtual Reality and Digital Entertainment
SFTW461. Artificial Intelligence II
SFTW462. Introduction to Natural Language Processing
SFTW463. Data Visualization
SFTW496. Project
SFTW497. Software Project Management
SFTW498. Information Security